Who Are We?

Fatma Sevim Akcok

CO-Founder & Chief Designer

Fatma Sevim Akcok graduated in 1996 from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Textiles (Istanbul/Turkey).

She received honourable mention in the Aker design competition.

She taught art in several high schools.

She worked as a chief designer in several large companies in Istanbul and Izmir. Her designs have been very popular, printed on fabric and sold in large quantities around Europe including Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and Spain. 

Sevim is able to reproduce the physical world into digital design simply by looking at it. 

She also creates customized clothing out of her designs. 

Sevim is truly a master in Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW. 

She is now working with a digital fabric printing company and provides her customers a choice of printing large quantities of fabric both with her and her customers’ designs on demand. 

Her vision is to add beauty to the world through her designs.

CO-Founder & ARTIST

Brigit Elise Cvetich Akcok

CO-Founder & ARTIST

Brigit is a self-trained artist. 

She has an M.A. in International Relations from London Metropolitan University and a B.A. in Politics and Legal Studies from Lake Forest College. Currently she works in a large law firm in downtown San Francisco.

Despite her background, Brigit always finds time to make and admire art. Brigit is influenced by her travels and the varying patterns and textiles of the world. 

Brigit hand-draws her designs and Sevim Akcok makes them into patterns for printing. Their collaboration is 100% authentic and original. 

Brigit is passionate, creative and artistic by nature who loves to create and add beauty to her surroundings. She is colorful and bright, resembling her pieces.

Brigit Elise Cvetich Akcok

Utku Galip Akcok


Utku (husband of Brigit) is an immigration attorney in San Francisco. 

Utku has a B.S. in law and economics from TOBB University located in Ankara/Turkey.

He came to the U.S. to study his masters in law at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He is continuing his education by pursuing his Ph.D. in international law.

He also has a background in marketing and business development. 

Utku tends to surround himself with artists and has an eye for talent and beauty. Utku is both motivated and inspired by his wife and mother’s designs. He believes their talents are unique and need to be seen by the world!

We believe intellectual property is an extension of an individual. 

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